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The Warriors
Recent I have watched movie called The Warriors (1979 release of Paramount pictures) and everything just become clear for me. That's the clue of making the original Manhunt. Check it out: street gangs are hunting down main characters that have to get out the city through the night. During watching this movie you can feel true ambience and the whole plot of the Manhunt, everything is too close: street gangs, baseball bats, cops, subway trains, sneaking and hiding, running away. Even the music in Manhunt is too similar! Rockstar developers obviously were inspired by this movie. Only then they just decide to make the game The Warriors, honestly I never have played.
But the movie is great! Watch trailer here:

22 sept. 2012  
Gameplay video
Check out gameplay video of different executions in MM and just various interactive elements. You can watch all this stuff here:
3 october 2010
You have an amazing chance to check out all the weapon of MM. During the game type on your keyboard give + n where n is number from 0 to 9. For example type give3 and you will get a knife.
Now you know the stuff! Go kill someone!
24 sept. 2010
Review 4 Funny
Recent I have found an interesting review of the Memento-Manhunt. In the story the main character is not a guy Jake Deviant, but the girl Deviate Jain :) Here it is the full revew:
Meet Deviate Jain, the main heroine of the drastic story Memento Manhunt. It is a helpless girl, the street that has never known the joy of life. Grew up in orphanages and affection for her neighbor ever says anything. This uncompromising girl now finds himself in the squalid ghettos, where fist brutal gangs of masked rioters. Jain has now decided to add on the side of good and will deal with criminals on their own. After passing the initial tutorial, you will wait for demanding missions in which you will need to demonstrate fearlessness and ability to assert themselves against large odds. Indeed, the only way you can be in this thrilling online action games successful. Try to be constantly on the alert because the enemy you can literally watch every step. You never know from which corner you can jump up and attack someone on your back. Memento Manhunt is a hilarious action issue, which would have no visitor to our site should not be missed. Go and check out the original resource.
27 june 2010
Flash Gamm Moscow 2010
I'm gonna to take part in Flash Gamm conference that will take place 13 May in Moscow. MM is already uploaded to game contest:
8 may 2010
New site, new version
I'm glad to see you on the new official website of Memento Manhunt game. Site containts more interesting information about the game and different stuff. The new domain is And you can play the latest version of MM.
1 may 2010
Menento Manhunt: Halloween version
In a season occasion I have upload a special Memento Manhunt edition on It contains the first and the second episodes and have some modifications, that you couldn't find in the original game. You can download this demo in Downloads and play it fullscreen or play online here: I would like to receive any suggestions about improves from you. Thank you for playing Memento Manhunt, Happy Halloween!
30 oct 2009
Engine done now!
And it means only one thing, that to finish the game I have to design and construct all episodes that are left. And this news are pretty good, because if everyghing will be ok, the game will be released in January 2010. Thank you for keep patience.
22 oct 2009
Two years later
Two years has passed since first Memento submission on Newgrounds. There was a lot of work done.
13 sep 2008
Check out the latest demo of Memento!
Now check out the latest update in downloads. The first episode is totally redesigned! Original score written by me! And check the new intro!
20 jan 2008
Level Design
All I need now - is level design, cause every other detail is done. Give me some more time to complete everything. Otherwise thanx for countenance!
23 jan 2008
Real Hardcore
I have add Fire arm for the real hardcore action!
Now there is 11 different weapon: Fists, Broken bottle, Screwdriver, Knife, Machete, Crowbar, Axe, Baseball metal bat, Chainsaw, Revolver and, Shotgun!
31 jan 2007
Dude New Skin
I have make a new skin for the main character.
27 jan 2007
Download the latest demo of Memento!
You can download the latest demo in the main menu.
I wish you a Happy New Year!
31 feb 2006
More Gore
I have add more blood. Now it brings more fun!
Also add a very cool thing: markers that shows hunter's health status.
And the hottest stuff!!! - each weapon has several types of execution! Which brings to game a lot of fun!!!
20 feb 2006
Memento on NG front page!
Thanks a lot to you all! With your help I will fix any mistakes of the game.
And even now Memento - Episode 1 is on New frontpage!
17 feb 2006
Several new stuff
During work on the second episode I have add:
- New Controls. Now you can choose between 2 types of more friendly controls for you .
- Now you can skip Hints.
- Now the close fight system is more better. Hunters don't run at you like a raw attacking tank when they at a striking distance to you. They just stand and hits you.
All this innovations was influenced by the most impartial reviews from
16 feb 2006
New weapon!
Work under the second episode has started. See new screenshots. The new weapon is Crowbar.
14 feb 2006
Episode 1 is done! Look for demo on the
Besides already done: Game Engine, enemies AI, all the hunters characters, all the weapon, different interactive objects.
27 oct 2006

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