Memento Manhunt
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First of all. Why do it took so long?
Memento Manhunt — is a sirious and really big project.
There were written a lot of engines, many differences were made, graphics was totally redesigned.
The main reason, of course that I just have no time for this. So it's took a really long time.

When god damn we can play the full version???
Already soon.
I try to do my best to submit full version as soon as possible.

What the girl is on the title screen?
This girl is part of a story. She isn't a main character that you can play, but you will find her in gameplay on the last levels.

The story in game is same to original?
No. The time described in Memento is little earlier than in Manhunt. You can see here the same
gangs, same locations, but the main character is other guy, who was squeezed by Starkwether to
take part in the deadly reality show.

What the point of the game?
You have take part in the reality show to save your kidnapped girlfriend. The mission is to pass through the desolate district of city patrolling by gangs. The only way to pass them is to kill them.
So you've better to sneak through the streets, hiding and execute hunters. You have more chances to kill the hunter by attacking from behind. If you fight with many hunters it'll be difficult to survive. Your best friend are: night, shadows, dark buildings, silent movements and of course strong cold steel weapon. But it's not the only one! In game 11 different kinds of weapon in addition firearm. So you can have some fun.

How game engine AI works?
I tried to reconstruct action model of hunters, attack strategy, and rules of interacting with environment. AI have several action modes: stand by (ready for the action), walking around, searching, following, fighting. So it's suppose to be close to the original Manhunt mode of AI behavior.

Game contains blood and gore. What else?
I try to bring intence violence how it only can be in flash. In game there are rivers of blood. A lot of weapon to perform different style executions. More violent kills will let you gain more score.

What kind of interaction in game we can enjoi?
You can hit thrash bins, can, different garbage, break bottles, push shopping carts. The main plot of this, that it's interacts with the whole enviroment in game. Hunters can hear the noise and go check it.

What the system requirments for the game?
Pentium 4, 2000 mHz, geForce 6600, 1GB RAM - is minimal. It's the system that I started to make the game in 2006. It took more effect when you play fullscreen but game can slow down.

Is this remake have any permission from Rockstar Games (original Munhunt developer)?
Oh.. No. I hope they forgive me because it's a non-commercial purpose project. I do it because I like the original game. Guys from Rockstar Games, you really rocks!

Since you start the developing did you play Manhunt2?
Yes. But i think the second Manhunt is too poor. The main idea was lost, and gameplay didn't attract me. I have played two levels and then uninstalled the game because it was not interesting after the original Manhunt.

After all what can you add?l
Thank you for support, reviews and waiting for the game. A lot of things were fixed after your comments. So let me finish the game and you can play the full Manhunt flash remake!

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