Memento Manhunt
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Memento Manhunt is a stealth hardcore action for PC. The game is in developing now with Macromedia Flash. The game is a remake of Manhunt (Rockstar Games) without permission of course. I hope that it's not a serious crime and I will not be thrown in a jail.

Anyway here is plot of the game: They took your girlfriend and to save her You have to play in reality show. Streets are full of gangs. If hunters hunt you down they will cut you up! You have to find the way out. Using different stuff as weapon you have to snuff down all come across hunters before the night is out.

Game will include 9 episodes, 5 gangs with 4 different hunters in each, 11 different kinds of weapon, and of course bosses. Blood, gore and intense violence are base of the game.

Flash games developing is a primary direction of ximx flash games.
The name of studio is an abbreviation of my name — xinnocentmiscreantx the artist, designer, animator and programmer. I hope you enjoi my games and will wait for new projects.

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